Zurich District Court Acquits Board Member of JW Victims Help e.V.

Dr. Regina Spiess, Board Member JW Victims Help e.V.

Swiss – Zurich district court acquits cult specialist and board member of our assosiasion JW Victims Help e.V. Dr. Regina Spiess.

On Tuesday July 9th, 2019, the district court of Zurich acquitted a former employee of the cult advisory board Infosekta of allegations of multiple counts of defamation. It appears they were made by the Jehovah’s Witnesses over critical statements in the media.

In fact, the defendant had made several defamatory remarks, said the only judge during her oral verdict. But she did not agree that the statements were automatically punishable. For her statements, she had told the truth or provided proof in good faith.

The cult advisory board has a public mission and receives public money. It is widely recognized as such. Its task is to inform society about Jehovah’s Witnesses and various other groups. This was done by the accused. It was not her primary goal to make Jehovah’s Witnesses look evil.

Article from advoidjw.org, originally published in Tages Anzeiger on July 9, 2019.