European elections 2019 – Jehovah’s Witnesses banned from voting?

In an Europe-wide campaign, the association JW Victims Help e.V. draws attention to clear indications that Jehovah’s Witnesses are forbidden by their leaders to vote. However even the attempt would be a serious violation of law and could endanger the corporation under public law (KdöR). Therefore JW Victims Help e.V. encourages all Jehovah’s Witnesses to participate in the elections and to share their experiences with our association.

Invitation to all Jehovah’s Witnesses – please vote

“We’d like to ask all Jehovah’s Witnesses: Exercise your fundamental right and participate in elections!

Don’t wait for Armageddon – God’s war of annihilation of all non-Jehovah’s Witnesses – and for paradise on earth.

Shape your future now. Influence the course set in Europe for the coming years and decades!

If you want to remain anonymous – take part in postal voting.

If you are already about to leave anyway, go to the polling booth and talk about this. But only do this if you are aware that you can bear the consequences of shunning and contact ban – also in the family.

If you already have any experience with the consequences of voting, please let us know.” (

Further explanations in German can be found here.