JZ Help e.V.

Our Mission

We are a community of religious and ideologically impartial persons from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Our mission is to inform about violation of human rights within Jehovah’s Witnesses’ organization, cults and destructive groups in general and to offer psychological and legal support for persons willing to escape.
Therefore, the non-profit association contributes for support to the democratic political system, public medical care and child-welfare.

Our claims to the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ organization

Protection of family and relationships
  • No social ostracism and no contact ban. No discrimination in case of leaving or disfellowshipping.
  • Respect for the fundamental right to “negative religious freedom”.
  • No application of the two witness rule to child abuse and domestic violence.
Respect for state and laws
  • Respect for the state as the highest legislative authority. No restriction of fundamental legal rights.
  • Full implementation of the European Data Protection Regulation, including the right to dispose of all personal data.
  • No internal jurisdiction undermining state standards/laws.
Protection of children
  • Treating child abuse as a crime within the competence of the authorities and repealing the 2 witness rule.
  • Public apology and compensation for victims
  • No psychological violence by frightening children with ideas like devils, demons and Armageddons.
  • No psychological violence as a result of overstraining children by sitting still for hours, imparting inappropriate content or taking them into the ministry.
  • No psychological violence through isolation of children through prohibitions regarding “worldly” customs such as birthday celebrations as well as the bad-doing of “worldly people”.
  • Membership by baptism only from the age of majority.
Protection of life
  • No blood ban for medical purposes.
Protection against discrimination
  • No discrimination against women.
  • Repeal of the two witness rule in case on domestic violence.
  • No discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and other population groups outside heteronormative conceptions.
Respect for the lifestyles of members
  • No interference in private matters such as sex life and contraception.
  • No stigmatisation of political and social participation.
  • No stigmatisation of higher education or career.
  • Protection of vulnerable persons
Protection of vulnerable persons
  • Active cooperation with professional (psychological/psychiatric) assistance in psychological emergencies or illnesses of members.

Main tasks of our association

Raising awareness and prevention
  • Raising public awareness, especially with regard to the missionary activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Raising awareness among members and relatives
  • Raising awareness among health, social and child protection specialists, youth welfare offices, representatives of public authorities, political decision-makers and the media.
Services for those affected
  • Advice and support in case of leaving the organisation
  • Mediation of therapists, lawyers and other specialists
  • Help for self-help and networking with affected persons
Offers for experts and specialists
  • Provision of specific information
  • Consulting and training on specific problem areas
Collecting and providing specific information
  • Internal regulations and publications of the organisation
  • Anonymised experience reports of victims
  • Expert opinions, studies, court rulings and other legal case studies
  • Publications, books, media reports, websites, YouTube videos, etc.

Board and members

Members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy support the association.

Management Board

Esther Gebhard
Udo Obermayer
Dr. phil. Regina Spiess - Stellvertretende Vorsitzende JZ Help e.V.
Dr. Regina Spiess

JZ Help e.V. 
c/o Esther Gebhard
Bahnhofstr. 80
D-82383 Hohenpeißenberg
E-Mail: info(at)jz.help

(Register of associations at Augsburg/Germany: VR 202101)